Preparing for a Consumer Loan

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Be Ready With the Documentation

Check List of Documents Typically Needed

Here is a list of documents that are usually needed for an Individual Loan application

Understand the Lending Process

Lenders follow a standardized process for the evaluation of Loan applicants. Be prepared for a number of individuals enquiring about various aspects of your eligibility

Pay Attention to Your Financial Behaviour

Financial Discipline

You and your co-applicant must start saving an adequate amount every month in order to demonstrate that you have the capability as well the necessary discipline to service the loan you are applying for

Free Credit Score and Report

Free CIBIL Score

Understand the process of obtaining Credit Reports and Credit Scores Free of charge at Loans On Speed. Seek Expert help at Loans On Speed in case of any difficulty

Find Your Credit Score

Credit Score

Banks and other Lenders check your Credit Score and your Credit Report before approving your loan. Obtain your Credit Score Free with Loans On Speed

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