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Home Loan Refinance

Refinance your Home Loan in India


Paying off an existing Home Loan and replacing it with a new one is called Home Loan Refinance.  With falling interest rates, refinancing of your home loan can help you save a lot of money.  Home Loan Refinancing, at a lower interest rate and a suitable loan period ( tenure) can make a substantial difference to  your financial position. Executed wisely, home loan refinance can help you achieve one or more of the following  goals:

  1. Reduction in monthly repayment amount ( EMI)

  2.  Reduction in the Loan period ( Tenure)

  3.  Consolidation of  debts for interest savings

  4.   Loan enhancement for any personal or business need

     How does it work?

Most suitable option for your exact needs is likely to be a  balancing act between lower EMI   and reduction in the total borrowing costs.

Get started with Loans On Speed

Get details of your current loan – Tenure, Interest Rate and the balance repayment period in order to get started.

Use Our Home Loan Refinance Calculators to help you understand  Lifetime savings , Monthly Savings and breakeven period  to help you choose the best option.

Proceeding Further with Loans On Speed..

Find your credit Rating - We can help you obtain your latest credit rating for Free. Your credit rating has a huge impact on your interest costs.

Have a clear estimate of  costs involved - A home loan refinance can involve severaul items of costs -  prepayment cost, application fees, processing fees, an underwriting fee, title search,  stamp duty, registration charges , insurance etc.

Determine  current value of your property. Ask your building society or check online Real Estate Websites.

Be ready with the Paperwork

LoansOnSpeed.com can help you manage this complex process with relative ease.

Get started with our Home Loan Refinance Calculators for the best option which matches your specific needs.